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Frequently asked questions

Parent Scheme is designed for all phases of working parenthood, from those considering parenthood and in the parental leave years through to toddlers, primary school children and on to teenagers. It also provides content for managers and support for HR teams building their strategic plan for working parents.

The number of licences you need will depend on several factors including the size of your organisation, the demographic of your employees and number of parental leave takers each year. The HR model you operate may also be relevant to the level of line manager support that you require.

If you’re not sure, start small and you can always upgrade your plan.

The content is expert-led and has been created in conjunction with professionals in law, HR, medicine, educational psychology and career coaching. We use feedback from our clients and user trends to ensure we are constantly engaging with the issues that matter to working parents.

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If you are the admin account holder, you can upgrade your account any time through the admin access panel

There are several options - you can add user email addresses in the admin access panel, share a link with preferred users or you can upload a .csv file. Alternatively, you can enable licences for your employer domain ( and anyone logging in with a company email address will be allocated one of your licences.

You can cancel your plan at any time and user access will expire at the end of the licence period. Users can download their personal notes before their licence is closed.

Admin account holders can pay by credit card and receipts are available in the admin panel. Invoices can also be generated in the admin panel and arrangements for payments of Roost plans can be discussed with our account managers.

Many of the challenges of working parenthood are common around the world. Content designed post COVID-19 on remote working, homeschooling, lockdowns, family mental health and more has been written to be as helpful as possible in all countries. We will be continuing to enhance our offering for individual markets as we grow.

Parent Scheme reserves the right to assess applicable taxes as required by local law. Depending on their location, customers may be charged transaction taxes when purchasing the Nest, Coop or Roost subscriptions. Prices shown on our website do not include sales tax or value-added tax. Your company address is used to determine the correct tax rate, if applicable.